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BK Industries

Operating from New Delhi, Delhi, India, BK INDUSTRIES came into existence in the year 1963 with the blessings of Mr. Bal Kishan Thapar. We are known in the national and international market as a trustworthy manufacturer and we deal in all type of single & double facers corrugated rollers and industrial gears.Our products can meet the demand of different clients with a large quantity of models and complete specifications. With the spirit of constant improving, we pursue perfection constantly. Our company actively carries out the overall quality managing work. Because of the pleasant appearance, compact and mindful technology, suitable price and perfect after-sales & service, our products have won the trust and praise from clients from all over the country for many years.

BK INDUSTRIES (Corrugated Rollers)

BK Industries is the only manufacturer with experience in both the development and production of all type of single & double facers corrugated rollers. The expertise in the process of corrugated board production has been further applied and included in the development of the corrugated rollers and their flute profiles. Corrugated rollers are the core element of each corrugator and are essentially responsible for the quality of the corrugated board and the production. BK Industries supplies corrugated rollers from one single source.


BK Industries has a perfect service system. We have a team of engineers with sound practical experience and knowledge, who can supply professional service throughout theentire deal, including technology consultation, design factory, project evaluation, detailed design of factory, installation and testing the whole production line, training engineers and workers. We have always managed to maintain a position of true social citizen towards every individual or company associated with us directly or indirectly

BK INDUSTRIES (Industrial Gears)

BK Industries is the only manufacturer with experience in both the development and production of all types of industrial gears. BK Industries has always been using adaptive technology, because of which it has grown manifold from manufacturing gears with diameter of 10mm to gear with diameter of 3000mm in the present scenario. We manufacture custom tailored gears as per drawings and specification provided up to 30Module. We also supplynew gears/reconditioning old gears from one single source.