Corrugated Rollers


Corrugated Rollers

High Precision Grounded Corrugated Flute Rollers –
New as well as Reconditioning/Re-Fluting of Old Rollers.

Technical Know How :

  • Roller Material: Custom Tailored. However, most commonly used 48 and 50 Cr Mo Alloy Steel Forging.
  • Custom Tailored Rock Profile of Rollers for Economically Viable Production Process.
  • Hardness: Hardness of rollers > 55-60 HRC.
  • Highly advanced heating and tempering Process.
  • High Precision Grinding & Fluting Technology.
  • Laser Profile Tester : Accurate Profile Testing in order to yield best results.

Product Benefits :

  • Anti-Frictional Performance:
  • Cost Savings : Lower Corrugating Roller Cost per linear meter by over 70% 5-10% Less Paper Consumption 2-5% Less Wastage (Scrap)
  • Longevity: Increase in the life span by over 150-200%.
  • Excellent Release Properties:
  • Enhanced Quality and Increased Productivity:
  • Strength : Increase in Corrugated Board strength by over 20%
Note: Change of Corrugated Roller Flute Profiles from Existing to Desire.