Sales & Service

Sales & Service

Sales & Service

Our Relationship with the customer begins long before the placement of order and continues far beyond the installations of products manufactured

We are there to advice and assist our customers before, during and after a purchase. Our sales department encourages free flow of communication so that the product is developed as per the customer’s specifications and requirements.

This is of major importance when rollers with particular flutes needs to be manufactured. Our customers rely on us to advise them on the Best Flute Performance with respect to productivity.

We provide assistance to planning, installation, training, cost-effective usage, trouble shooting, maintence and upgrading of corrugation packaging machinery and other box making Equipment’s. We have special maintenance programs pertaining to all our products especially Industrial Gears, Gear Boxes and Corrugating Rollers in which our technical engineers visit the client’s factory on periodic basis in order to advice them about the methods of enhancing the product’s life cycle. Perfect Co-ordination of our support and technical team with our technicians, engineers and maintenance staff, makes our services as prompt as possible.

BK Industries Product

BK Industries – One Stop Solution For: -

  • Corrugated Flute Rollers – New & Re-working (With Super Chrome Coating)
  • Pressure Roller – New & Re-working (With Super Chrome Coating)
  • Glue Applicator Roller – New & Re-working to their Original Outer Diameters
  • Doctor Roller – New & Re-working to Their Original Outer Diameters.

Customer Benefit’s

  • Cost Saving: Lower Corrugating Roller Cost per linear meter by over 70%
  • 5-10% Less Paper Consumption
  • 2-5% Less wastage (Scrap)
  • Longevity: Increase in the lifespan by over 150-200%
  • Excellent Release Properties:
  • Enhanced Quality and Increased
  • Strength : increase in Corrugated Board Strength by Over 20%